jimc. (twinscin) wrote in subversion_cu,

Mankind Is Obsolete (ex-Dismantled, Hate Dept, Collide) at Mike+Molly's 11/08 --only $2!

Los Angeles-based industrial-punk quintet, Mankind Is Obsolete, return to C-U for a CHEAP show. The group fuses electronic and punk elments with female vocals and lots of energy. They also feature members that have contributed to several established industrial bands: Jon Siren (drums, ex-Dismantled, Hate Dept), Brian DiDomenico (keyboards, ex-Dismantled), and Scott Landes (guitar, ex-Collide's live band). MkIO are currently in the midst of a five-month nationwide tour in support of their recent full-length album, "Trapped Inside" (produced by Sylvia Massy, best known for her work on the first two Tool albums). Local hard rock heroes, For Great Justice, open the night. Here are the details:

Thursday, November 8 @10pm
Mike + Molly's, 105 N. Market St., Downtown Champaign
$2 cover, 21+ to enter

11pm - Mankind Is Obsolete
10pm - For Great Justice

Be sure to check out both bands on Myspace:


This show is well worth the tiny cover, so don't miss it! I hope all is well in C-U!
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