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I:SCINTILLA - New Album Optics, Preview Songs, Tour Dates, WGT

Optics - The New Album From I:Scintilla

North American Online Release Date: May 22, 2007
Worldwide Release Date: June 15, 2007
Record Label: Alfa Matrix
Running Time: 55:02

    track listing:

    01. cursive eve
    02. toy soldier
    03. the bells
    04. melt
    05. translate
    06. scin
    07. machine vision
    08. havestar
    09. ultravioletfly
    10. silhouette
    11. taken
    12. salt of stones

"Cursive Eve", "Ultravioletfly", and "Salt Of Stones" are available as full-length streams from:


The latest full-length album sees the band exploring new sounds and traversing genres while maintaining an emphasis on addictively catchy hooks. Brittany Bindrim's voice soars on the epic opening track, "Cursive Eve", and she never looks back. The quartet also shows off its polished new sound with sexy dance-rock ("Ultravioletfly", "Machine Vision") and club-friendly synthpop ("Melt", "Toy Soldier"). Meanwhile they are just as comfortable utilizing organic rock elements on the beautifully haunting "Translate" and the powerful "Salt Of Stones". Bindrim's lyrics have never been better as she explores topics of a more political, social, and sexual nature while not abandoning her trademark insightful introspection. Once again, electronic music mastermind Wade Alin (Christ Analogue, Atomica) is on board to add his signature slick production elements to the 12-track set.

Optics Limited Edition

Optics is also available as a limited edition 2-CD box set. Included are the 12-track main disc, a 12-track remix disc, a sticker, a poster, and several postcards. The remix disc contains contributions from the likes of Combichrist, Clan Of Xymox, Mortiis, Angelspit, and many others.

Remix Disc Track Listing:

01. The Bells (Angelspit Mix)
02. Scin (Clan Of Xymox Mix)
03. Havestar (Combichrist Mix)
04. Cursive Eve (Zero Tolerance Treatment By Deathboy)
05. The Bells (Ego Likeness Mix)
06. Taken (En Take Mix By En Esch)
07. The Bells (Interface Mix)
08. Translate (Broken Reception Mix By Manufactura)
09. Havestar (La Malediction Mix By Mortiis)
10. Capsella (Stochastic Theory Mix)
11. Scin (Tolchock Mix)
12. Taken (Shaken Mix By En Esch)


Pre-orders for North American customers are being taken at the band’s online store and will be shipped on May 22:


Pre-orders for European and international customers are being taken from Alfa Matrix’s online store:


Wave Gotik Treffen

I:Scintilla’s first European performance will be at the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. Here are the details:

Date: Monday, May 28
Time: 6:40pm
Venue: Parkbuhne
With: Cinema Strange, New Skin, and several others

Upcoming Tour Dates

May 18: Milwaukee, WI (with Cruciform Injection)
May 19: Champaign, IL (with Cruciform Injection)
May 28: Leipzig, Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen)
July 06: Chicago, IL (with Attrition)
July 28: Madison, WI (Reverence 2007 with Bella Morte, Iris, Stromkern, etc.)

More info at http://www.iscintilla.com/tour.html

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