vermis81 (vermis81) wrote in subversion_cu,

dj vermis 04-17-07 setlist

set 1
the ghastly ones - the ghastly stomp
the cramps - garbage man
blood axis - eternal soul
sleep chamber - the light pours out of me
cocteau twins - feathers-oar-blade
christian death - halos
suspiria - allegedly, dancefloor tragedy
death in june - the calling (mkII)

set 2
fields of the nephilim - psychonaut
clan of xymox - a day
ministry - we believe
klute - loser+user (request)
spahn ranch - heretics fork
malformed earthborn - nailed savior
von thronstahl - through sun and steel
hekate - burning terror
sopor aeternus - dead souls (request)

set 3
wumpscut - jetzt (request)
coil - heavens blade
der blutharsch - fire danger season: disc 1 track 2
swans - love of life
empusae - their so sweet
iszoloscope - skotophobique
aural blasphemy - crisis
agoraphobic nosebleed - harder drugz (faster mix)
kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble - pearls for swine
angelo badalamenti - audrey's dance

didn't get a setlist from wheelz
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