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Chicago Promoters Ordinance - ACT NOW!

From scaryladysarah and about a bazillion others:

The City of Chicago is voting THIS WEDNESDAY to pass a new Promoters Ordinance which would require independent promoters to get licenses to promote any/all events which in turn would negatively affect the future of the Chicago music community.

This proposed law would:

-Require independent promoters to acquire a promoter’s license costing up to $2,000 every two years, obtain liability insurance for every event thrown (even if the presenting venue already has liability insurance), be fingerprinted and background checked, and maintain extensive records of each event.

-Unfairly single out small venues and venues without seating, with no justification for during so.

-Negatively affect the Chicago music community:
First, it would affect the bottom line of small businesses that make a significant portion of revenue from partnerships with reputable, incident-free independent promoters.

Second, losing independent promoters means Chicago music fans would lose out on many small niche events important for minority groups and the overall growth of the independent music scene.

Third, restricting independent promoters would drastically cut into the ability to do charitable and political benefit concerts, as it would no longer be financially feasible for non-profit organizations to organize these events.

TAKE ACTION TODAY - This Ordinance affects the bands, clubs, bars, cafes and venues YOU LOVE. It affects the entire independent music community. Please email or call your alderman or alderwoman and voice your opposition to the Ordinance today! Email or Call your alderman and ask him or her to oppose the Promoter Ordinance. Be polite. Tell him or her you support live music in Chicago, and feel this ordinance would kill many great events. Say you want venues to be safe, but this ordinance goes too far. Place a call to your alderman’s office today.

These pages will help you find your alderman and give you his or her email address and phone number — quick and easy and only takes a couple of minutes.


Please repost this bulletin and encourage your fans, friends and neighbors to call and email their aldermen in opposition the Promoters Ordinance!
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